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You are in good hands with Pool Safe Inspections Victoria. Keep your children safe by ensuring your pool or spa is compliant.

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Pool and spa inspections and compliance

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. It is now mandatory for owners of land where a swimming pool or spa is located to register their pool or spa with the relevant council. Owners are also required to have their safety barriers inspected and […]

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Council determines the date of construction

Councils will determine the date of construction based on range of different sources of information that are prescribed in the proposed Regulations. Because the proposed Regulations apply to all swimming pools and spas, including those built before the Building Act or Building Regulations were introduced, the intent is to give council the widest possible scope […]

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Second motion for Pool Barriers

New regulatory framework for swimming pools and spas The Victorian Coroner has made several recommendations relating to the establishment of a register for pools or spas, most recently in May 2017. To respond to the Coroner’s recommendations and improve the regulation of swimming pools and spas, the Bill: introduces amendments to require councils to keep […]

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Finally we have change

Every homeowner in Victoria will soon be required to register their pool and have it inspected under new safety regulations. The Andrews government has taken the advice of multiple coroners and advocacy groups to overhaul pool safety across the state. Watch the full video below: Not sure what this means for you as a pool […]

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Pool Safety over Summer.

Helpful Tips for maintaining a barrier:  Ensure Pot plants, BBQ or any other climbable objects are greater than 500mm away from the approach side of the barrier. Inspect all gate latch’s to ensure they are self closing. Did you know your gate needs to swing away and not into the pool enclosure.

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Pool Barrier Summer Saftey

Its the time of year when kids are getting more curious with Pool Barrier. Some basic things to what out for is Gates not latching, Items within 500mm of the approach side of the barrier. If you need an and inspection audit please call us on

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Please maintain your Pool Barrier

Its that time of year that people pay  a little more attention to pools and  safety. With the long hot summer days please ensure that your pool, spa, Jacuzzi barrier sare maintained.

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Pool Safe at the Barry Plant Think Tank Day

Thanks to the all the Property Managers at BT for having us along to chat about pool barrier safety

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