On our inspections a common find are changes to neighbouring fence boundary’s. Set at 1.800mm the top and middle rails often provide a claimable foothold from the neighboring  property.

The question posed, ”but if the rails are not on the neighbours side and not mine then this is ok right”?

Well what in fact you have done by installing a new boundary fence is trigger the need for a new building permit. So providing a 60 deg chamber will bring it up to today’s requirement, but what about the rest of the barrier?

Unfortunately in Victoria our State government or Building Authority have not streamlined any system or made any changes for well over 30 years. States like QLD, NSW, WA have had the courage to introduce a mandatory scheme that forces own owners of outside pools ad spas to have regular inspections. Councils don’t have the auditing  man power, Real estate agents are confused on what to do and home owners just don’t understand the requirements of the Australian Standard.

I have performed well over 2000 inspections,  not one  pool barrier has passed inspection. We need change in Victoria so that drownings decrease.

pool safe fence boundary tip

Very common is the change of boundary fences. Set at the required 1.800mm the fence rails need to have champers install to prevent a young child from the neighboring property’s gaining access. Pool Safe can arrange maintenance correction.